Saturday, July 23, 2016

Spirit Artwork #36

Ah! It appears you have stumbled into the bunny alpha's little corner of Jamaa. It sure is quite messy. Various cans of paint clutter the shelves, their colors muted by the dust which renders it impossible to see your reflection in the glass. Old stainssmudged pawprintscan be seen scattered on the floor. There are paintbrushes, pencils, even fancy fountain pens. Two lonely frames sit on the table beside them, their empty faces gazing forlornly, like a troubled pair of dark, glassy eyes. When was Peck here last? Probably ages ago. As you look up you see that there are many small pictures strewn about the wall: photos, drawings and such. 

We start off with this glorious portrait of Snowyclaw submitted by Lumen Ade of the disqus comment section. I just love how soft and feathery the colors are. It just has this cool dream-like quality to it.

This redraw is by Wolfprincess675. Such improvement in just little over a year! The fur is more textured, the legs have improved, and the face and muzzle area is more defined in your redraw.

Here we have some nice sketches from Obscured Moon / Pinkclaw24. I enjoy your ability to recreate many different types of styles, and your ponies are very creative!

This portrait of Snowyclaw was done by Tigerclaw50114. I especially love the atmospheric background; it's like we're getting a fleeting glimpse of her in a mystical forest.

These pieces were sent in by TygerPromise. The first three are very cute and well-drawn! And your sock puppet is very unique...

Here we have a piece sent in a while ago by spiritually a calculator. To me, it's definitely got a simple and cartoony feel to it.

This drawing was sent in by WisteriaDragon. A unique, winged version of Snowyclaw's character -- it's an interesting interpretation!

This amazing assortment of art is by RedArmyMedic07. You sure have a way with shapes and such. Your blocky lineart style and vivid coloring really brings to mind the style of Animal Jam itself.

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