Monday, July 11, 2016

Lions Call Play Wild Home

Hey jammers! Play Wild has updated with an all-new animal and outfit set. Firstly, lions have roared their way to Play Wild!
Become a lion yourself today at the Sapphire Shop for 150 sapphires. Lions certainly look much better on Play Wild compared to Animal Jam like most animals. Lovely work AJHQ!

Don't forget club members on Animal Jam receive a free sapphire daily, plus you can earn sapphires from treasure hunts. Dress your lion with the latest king outfit set also on sale at the Sapphire Shop!
Perfect for making your new lion the king of the jungle! Be sure to also check out the lion minibook at the Chamber of Knowledge - earn a lion trophy by completing the minibook quiz!
AJ's classic Gem Breaker mini-game has also crossed the pond to Play Wild with a whole new 3D look. Match the different coloured gems and clear all the gems and clear all the levels to earn gems!
What AJ mini-game do you want to see arrive next on Play Wild? Lastly, the loading screen has been updated in celebration of lions calling Play Wild home.
Such a cute illustration!! That's all for this month's Play Wild update, happy jamming!

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