Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pet Goats, Monkeys Only Party, plus Sloth Announcement

Hey jammers! Pop by the diamond shop to purchase the latest pet arrival: the pet goats for three diamonds!
I'm not a huge fan of pets, but I have to say the pet goats are absolutely adorable and come with neat clothing accessories!  Here's a graphic showcasing the pet goat accessories from the Daily Explorer. 

Next up, the classic Monkeys Only Party has finally returned. Keep an eye out for the Monkeys Only Party on your party menu. Lovely to see AJHQ returning older parties like this!
Plus don't forget to purchase all the freedom items before they're gone until next year. Arctic Foxes are also this week's diamond spotlight; grab an Arctic Fox for only 5 diamonds while you can!
The moment we have all been waiting for: sloths will soon call the land of Jamaa home! I'd like to see AJHQ release more mini-games and ocean features rather than animals, it feels like we get new animals constantly now and the excitement dies down quickly. 
Once you purchase a new animal that's it, you check out the animal's animations and try on clothing, then the excitement is over. Hopefully we see ostriches arrive next!
And lastly the cheetahs of Jamaa are beginning their travels in two weeks time to make way for sloths. A new den masterpiece frame has also been added to Peck's Art Studio: Mira's Frame!
 That's it for this week's update, happy jamming!

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