Saturday, July 9, 2016

How to Stand Out in a Crowd & Animal Jam Toys in UK

Hey jammers! Sorry to be absent lately, it's been a crazy few weeks of volunteer work at my local wildlife shelter. Do you still enjoy my silly blog posts of Jamaa's daily happenings? What would you like me to cover in my reports? More about "popular" jammers, drama and shenanigans – more about merchandise, Jamaa lore and developments?
Let me know your ideas for the direction Animal Jam Spirit should take; meanwhile, I've got a pretty BRIGHT IDEA of my own!!

AHAHA, this is one way to get noticed in a crowded Jamaa Township. What do you think of the new Bright Idea Hat? You can buy your own in Jam Mart Clothing. Over in the Summer Carnival however...
We have those crazy balloon structures that you can see at local fairs (or is that just me?). That phantom just looks like an adorable little bubble monster though, heh...
I'm not sure about that shading on the Rainbow Arch, but these would be pretty snazzy for a summer carnival at your den. As or building a den outside of Jamaa, we have more and more stores starting to carry the new toys. Look at this video from Smyth's Toys in the UK!

I've heard select Target stores are starting to carry them as well. There are some pretty interesting little playsets (to be seen in future unboxing videos of mine!). Have you guys purchased any of this new merchandise?? What ones have you gotten?

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