Friday, July 15, 2016

Rainbow Cloud + New Play Wild Music

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the Rainbow Cloud on sale at the diamond shop! 
Have you collected the full set of cloud versions? Over on Play Wild we have new den music on sale at the Sapphire Shop. 
I love how Play Wild releases music regularly, something I'd like to see happen on Animal Jam. And in celebration of lions making their Play Wild debut there is a new special Jam-a-Gram. 
When you sign into Animal Jam today you'll definitely notice something different: the play screen border has slightly changed. What are your thoughts on the border change? 
Not such a big deal, but may take some time getting used to like most changes. Today's clearance item is the Salon Magazine Table being sold at Jam Mart Furniture - departing tomorrow!
Happy jamming!

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