Friday, July 29, 2016


Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here – apologies for the absence, I'm traveling to JamCon right now. It's being hosted in Boston again this year,
I hope some of you can make it!
New items in Jamaa? We have the returning "Cool Hair" in Jam Mart Clothing and over in Jam Mart Furniture we have some Cafe items coming to store... Click "Explore & Read More" to see!
Now I'm going to pass it over to yellodash, our guest author, to handle the rest of the post!

In other news, AJHQ has posted on the Daily Explorer talking about the new returned items feature.


It turns out the reason so many Jammers were seeing this was because of a small glitch with Jam-a-grams. You can head over to AJHQ’s post for details.

Finally, Tigercat45 submitted this interesting glitch with seals. It seems that Fluffy Fox Heads and wings aren’t getting along well.

That’s all for today. Happy Jamming!

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