Monday, July 25, 2016

Rare Binoculars & the Jambassador Plaque Explained

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here, making my way towards JamCon at the moment. Over in Jamaa, however, we have a brand new pair of Rare Binoculars for the Rare Item Monday.
Pretty bold colors we have here – I do wonder why AJHQ doesn't go with some different, less clashing color schemes sometimes.. But I suppose RIM style this crazy color combo!

Have you noticed the additions to the snazzy new cafe set over in Jam Mart Furniture? It seems AJHQ is becoming more and more responsive to the trends in the AJ community; I know many-a-jammer who's been hoping for a cafe theme to come around.
Oh my goodness, the pixelated items just don't stop coming, do they? This one looks to be a pretty sassy horse, as far as Pixelated Horse Heads go. Do you think you'll add any of these pixels into your outfits?
And in the larger news, I thought I'd give a little light to the latest blue social plaque to come to Jamaa! It is called a Jambassador Plaque, and features a glowing earth-type planet in its center. Pretty shiny, eh?

These plaque were given to the group of jammers who went to VidCon this year! This means there are about six of these plaques floating around Jamaa. What do you think of AJHQ taking members of the game to be ambassadors of the community? Is there an issue with equality, or do you think these jammers earned the privilege? I'd love to hear what you all think!

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