Monday, August 1, 2016

Cafe Hostess Stand and Rare Drum

Hey jammers! Yellowdash here! There's a bunch of new items in Jamma today, as well as a few leaving. Lets get started!

 First up, we have today's Rare Item Monday, the rare drum. I think this RIM would look good on a lot of blue colored outfits.

Next is the Big Skull, which while the skull itself isn't that big, the horns on it are huge. It comes in multiple colors for all your clanning and strange outfit making needs.

Adding onto the cafe set is the hostess stand, which can also be used as a stand for speakers at large events.

 Since school is starting back up, the graduation cap is leaving stores.

The camouflage boots (which also can be colored to stand out as much as possible) are leaving in three days.

Finally, we have the leaving arm cuffs. I think these items are going to become rare soon, because they look like a (perhaps rarer) alternative to elf bracelets.

There also also three new posts on the daily explorer for you to read.
Thats all for today everyone, happy jamming!


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