Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pirate Items, Arctic Wolf Sale, and More

Avast jammers! It be Yellowdash here, with ya to cover the day's news. 

 There be a ship gear set in Jam Mart Furniture, the pirate set. It looks like it would be really helpful for some landlubbers like you to get a taste of the pirate life.

 The next treause be lampshade hat. The crew and I all think this item is pretty silly, but lets all be honest here, did ya really expect a new serious treasue?

 In the treasure shop, these cold beasts from the north are on a sale, seems like a steal if you ask me.

Finally, we have the sea life holder in a store called epic wonders. I'm not spending 1,500 shiny coins on that, especially when I can just scoop some fish our the seas for dinner.

That be all for today, happy jamming.


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