Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Dazzling Dens: AJHQ's Greely's Hideout

Hey jammers! It seemed like a few of you wanted me to do a den tour of Greely's Hideout, so here we are!

Before we begin, I want to let you all know that I'm going to be using pictures like the one above. Since Greely's Hideout is a large and complex den, I have a picture below this text for reference, so you know where I am in the den. Ok, ready? Let's start!

 In the first room, we have some pretty standard decorations. Notable items include the tiki phantom and peck, which I don't remember being land items, only ocean items. The epic wonders orb is not its normal size.

This den also has giant plushies scattered about.

I think this is a new item. It looks really neat, so I hope it gets released soon.

Moving down are some cool looking items, but they aren't new.

Greely is into pool, and loves pizza too!

Over to the left of the pizza are these fire mushrooms from the Hive adventure.

The large wolf head area has a bunch of bamboo chairs. Not my ideal place for a rest, but I guess some would like the thrill of their chair possibly catching on fire.

Phantom art above me as I sleep? Ok guys, I think we've gone far enough with the scary stuff.

A fellow tiger I met on the journey told me he was a gardener, who also likes race cars.

In this area we see a couple of items from toys, as well as a giant ball or yarn that isn't released.

The bottom left room is Greely's personal cafe. Shout-out to the friendly staff at the counter.

The next floor up has some sweets for sale.

Then the cafe suddenly ends and turns into phantom ruins. One notable thing about this room is the plant in the brown pot is not it's normal pot color. The normal color of the pot is blue.

There is no decoration on the stairs.

AJHQ seems to be planning a cookout up here. I hope I'm invited!

We might have to put that cookout on hold though, WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!

Over to the right of the meteor is a Princess couch I haven't seen before.

Over in the right room, Greely has opened up his new salon!

Finally, I'm going to take a rest on this oversized moon rug.

Happy jamming... every... one...


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