Saturday, August 27, 2016

Spirit Artwork #39

You lie leisurely by the shore overlooking the Crystal Reef. The water flows forward and ebbs away rhythmically, hissing as it springs forth and gurgling quietly as it recedes. You feel the wings of a slight breeze as it glides past your face, and you run a paw across your muzzle to rid your whiskers of the scattered sand beginning to settle on them. You open your eyes halfway to see a bright gleam quivering on the emerald green surface of the water. You lift your eyelids the remaining distance and the gleam becomes the outline of a shiny object, perhaps made of glass. You sit up and gaze intently as the object slowly draws nearer, and as your eyes adjust you see that it is a bottle of sorts, containing paper within.

Our first piece is this delightful work by fantasyun1corn! The colors are quite vibrant.

Emily Shields submitted these three pieces; I have to say I quite like that .gif of Luffy putting on his hat. And that last, monochromatic piece is rather atmospheric as well.

This piece was brought to us by gorgouspaw99. I enjoy the contrast between the bright background and the dark character, as well as the lineless style.

Here we have some artwork by stripes43892. Drawing a wolf facing forward like that must have been quite difficult!

These sketches are by PurelyImmortal. You've surely shown you can draw a variety of animal species!

This cute cat was drawn by Vgcallah the Leopard! I love the color scheme and the elegant simplicity.

Finally, we have a piece by birdy12447. The amount of detail in both the fox and the background is astounding!

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