Saturday, August 6, 2016

Spirit Artwork #37

You lay still amongst the branches of the towering tree in Appondale, unmoving in spite of the slight breeze that rustles the leaves. It is midday and the sunbeams race to your resting place only to hang in the air silently beside your wooden cradle. Out of the corner of your eye you see the weaverbird hanging upside down and hard at work, lacing together small sticks and straw with quick, precise motions, swiveling his head so as to inspect his creation before flying off somewhere. In the absence of the bird, your gaze saunters down the tree trunk and onto the ground, where you see a small pile of materials that the bird had been planning to use -- amongst them, pieces of paper with drawings on them.

We start with a wonderful portrait brought to us by Princessfluff10. I particularly enjoy the sharp contrast between the dark character and the light background.

These lovely pieces were sent in by TygerPromise a while ago. Wonderful detail on the steampunk sketches, I must say!

Here we have three pieces by Avery898 Jammer of the disqus comment section! I especially love the ambiance in your sunset painting.

This interesting painting is by Pinkclaw24, also known as Obscured Moon. Very nicely done with the brushstrokes; one really gets a sense of movement from this painting.

This adorable artwork is by Tigerclaw50114. I especially enjoy the cave-painting styled horse.

This cute drawing of Firestar is by Spiritofthesky14 AJ. Such a cool chibi style!

This artwork was sent in by viva volpina, or MacaronParadise. It's always nice to see human art, and the colors on yours really pop! Not to mention I love how you draw flowing hair.

This artwork of Kolorful Kitty's goat was sent in by Royalss. Such variety in your shades of purple!

These pieces are brought to us by Thatoldbarnxx, who runs the Artistic Animal Jam blog. I'd have to say you've got some very emotionally charged artwork here!

To finish off we have some art from disqus commenter loser next door. I'd say you have a very nice sense of form in your art, and I love the stylized expressions!

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