Saturday, August 6, 2016

Harp, Summer Dress, Greely's Hideout, and more!

Hey Jammers! Yellowdash here! Sorry for the late post, but I just got home from vacation today. Enough about me though, lets get on with the news. Today we have some more pawsome items coming to and leaving stores.

First up is the Harp, showing us that, because it doesn't have cafe in the name, the cafe series has ended. This item also has a small animation when clicked.

 In the clothing department, we have the new summer dress. A bit late, but eh, who cares? More items! 

 Gotta say though, looks fabulous on my Tiger. (By the way, you can send me buddy requests. My username is Tigercat45.) 

 The very much loved longbow has returned to the diamond shop.

Sadly, it's also time for us to say goodbye to a few items.

I don't really like that AJHQ is taking away the wavy bookshelf, especially with there not being any generic bookshelf in stores as far as I can tell. 

On Thursday AJHQ made a new den for you to explore, Greely's Hideout! Would you like for me to do a tour of the den, and see if there is anything interesting?

We also have some posts from the Daily Explorer for you to read.
 Thats all for today, happy jamming!

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