Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pirate Ship Couch, Turtle Shell and Leaving Pufferfish Set

Hey jammers! Yellowdash here with a couple of item updates.

Today's new item is the Pirate Ship Couch, which is much larger than I expected! I think we might get a small series of pirate items, but I'm not sure since there are currently three item sets in stores.

Next up is an item from yesterday, the turtle shell.

I've seen a few sloths around Jamma wearing this pretending to be turtles. I've also seen is paired with a bright idea hat or a chomper plant hat just to be goofy.

Finally we have the leaving pufferfish pair in Bahari Bargains.

There are also two posts on the Daily Explorer for more Animal Jam reading.
Since there wasn't a whole lot of news to discuss today, I'm going to give you guys in the comments a challenge. Try and create a serious outfit with the turtle shell, nothing silly about it, just a normal outfit.

Good luck and happy jamming!


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