Saturday, August 27, 2016

Smiley Glasses + Play Wild's Back To School Party

Hey jammers! We have two new random items on sale in Jam Mart Clothing: the Sunshine Galoshes  and Smiley Glasses!
AJHQ sure have some wacky item choices sometimes, right? It's back to school season on both Animal Jam and Play Wild - be sure to check out the new Play Wild back to school party!

Items on sale at the party 
And AJHQ uploaded this cute new back to school cover on their social media channels!
Plus make sure you check out Play Wild's 1st birthday before you're too late - there is a special birthday cake party selling chocolate items. 
Aha Play Wild's graphics are simply stunning, lovely job AJHQ. Don't forget to also collect Play Wild's 1st birthday cake when you login!
Items on sale at the party 
To wrap up today's post, over on the Daily Explorer AJHQ have posted a helpful guide on inviting people to play mini-games on Play Wild.
Happy jamming!!

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