Friday, January 6, 2017

Feather Necklace + Secret Non Member Item

Hey jammers!
 Today's new item is the Feather Necklace on sale at the diamond shop!
Ohh, fancy! This feather necklace will go lovely with the feather tail which is also sold at the diamond shop.  Now us members will be receiving more and more diamonds from now on perhaps AJHQ plan to release more items at the diamond shop.
A new secret shop has been hidden in the latest Epic Den showroom. Click those snowy shoes underneath the arctic wolve statue.
Non member item too! They sorta look like broken tennis rackets to me, haha. Did you know on Play Wild you can now change your animal name for 5 sapphires? 
Keeping with AJ - Play Wild a beautiful new arctic armor set has arrived at the Sapphire Shop! 
And lastly,  thank you to do57 for sending this in. Looks like AJHQ forgot to remove giraffes from the members only animal screen. 
Aww, I do love Animal Jam's classic art style.  Happy jamming!

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