Monday, January 2, 2017

Rare Moon Necklace + New Land COMING SOON

Hey jammers! Today's Rare Item Monday is the Rare Moon Necklace located the 18th page of Jam Mart Clothing. Be sure to grab this week's Rare Item Monday while you still can!
I'm usually not a huge lover of AJHQ's colour choices when it comes to RIMs, but this week's release is a lovely colour combination. Did I mention this neat necklace is being sold for all jammers? Yay!
I created this penguin outfit with this week's RIM, what do you think? The necklace goes well with Animal Jam's classic penguins and the sun and moon hat from Jamaa's Summer Carnival.

For a few months, the Crystal Sands bottle event has been revealing more and more clues and mysteries, and now like many predicted, we may have the first look at Jamaa's NEW LAND!
(Full credit to Julian2 ~ click here to watch his latest video)

After 3 years of the release of Kimbara Outback, it could be nearly time to welcome a new land to the beautiful world of Jamaa! Adding a new land is harder than we think, AJHQ must add a purpose to the land, a journey book, and I'm certain the Phantom Wastelands will lead to new adventures expanding Animal Jam's lore even more.

The only downside is the Phantom Wastelands may well be a member only land. Now, when Animal Jam announced the new member daily spin they did indeed mention that they will be improving membership experience throughout 2017 which is understandable. Animal Jam is like a shop - not everything can be for free.

What are your thoughts on the Phantom Wastelands? To wrap up today's post, make sure you purchase the Leaf Pattern Skirt on sale at Jam Mart Clothing before it's gone.
Happy jamming everyone!

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