Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hockey Sticks + New Animal Jam Commercial

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the Hockey Sticks being sold at Jam Mart Furniture in 11 different colours!
What are yours favourite winter sports? As we welcome 2017 and said goodbye to 2016, AJHQ have revealed the new Animal Jam television commercial!
I love how the adorable pink fox now appears in most Animal Jam artwork.  I'm not a huge lover of this new TV advert if I'm honest with you, but I guess Animal Jam are now targeting at much younger audiences and particularly females. 
I'm not happy with this direction Animal Jam are taking. It feels like Jamaa's creative lore has no part in any of their adverts. Animal Jam is about going on adventures with your friends, not dressing up. Animal Jam's previous commercial showcases Jamaa in a better way.
Today's departing item is the animated Rake And Leaf Pile for all jammers being sold at Jam Mart Furniture. What do you think AJHQ have planned for tomorrow's update? Happy jamming!

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