Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Phantom Fortress & New Sheep

Hey jammers! Animal Jam has updated for the first time in 2017 with a new adventure, pet, and returning features. Firstly, let's begin with the return of arctic foxes in the diamond shop!
If you love dressing up your pets, you'll be pleased to hear pet arctic foxes are now being sold in the diamond shop. A perfect little arctic fox counterpart. Plus, the classic snow fort den is back!
Sir Gilbert and Cosmo take part in Jamaa's next big adventure, introducing The Phantom Fortress! Club members can play at the Adventure Base Camp or via the world map adventure list.
Public/2D adventures are fun and all, but nothing beats a traditional Animal Jam adventure.
What do you lore obsessed jammers think? The adventure artwork is beautiful. If you complete the adventure you'll get to see Jamaa's next animal in action! Can you hear baa-ing?
It's the sheep!  They sorta look like a cloud with legs, hehe ^.^ Farm yard animals in a jungle themed game? Well, at least these adorable new arrivals will please younger jammers and roleplayers especially.
Turns out the Heatwave Party returning earlier wasn't a glitch. Escape the chilly weather throughout Jamaa by escaping to the classic Heatwave Party with your buddies! Next up, masterpiece news!
500,000 masterpieces?! Animal Jam are also celebrating National Geographic's celebration of penguins with a penguin and pet penguin sale. Plus, dolphins will soon be beginning their travels!
Do you think AJHQ have big plans for the oceans in 2017? Make sure you pick up a retail gift card during this winter to unlock four ice items and a snow leopard.
And to wrap up today's update, lastly Sky High is on double gem bonus for the next two weeks.
Happy jamming!

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