Friday, January 20, 2017

Rose Table, Sheep Hat, + Secret Shark Couch

Hey jammers! Today brings us a traditional returning Rose Table on sale at your local Jam Mart Furniture for the upcoming friendship festival/valentine's day in Jamaa.
Yesterday's sheep update also brought out a new mystery shop inside the latest Epic Den winter palace showroom!
Click on the shark couch to purchase it yourself! Sadly, a member only item this time.
Seems AJHQ's artists are a little obsessed with couches don't you think? Thanks to Jessica Chen Osha (Oshawott8888) for sharing this on the Animal Jam Google+ community...
Now the sheep are playable The Phantom Fortress' sheep passage is accessible! A cute sheep hat is the chest prize. And lastly, here are the new pet rooster's rare accessories from the Pet Only Party or Play As Your Pet party!
Happy jamming! 

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