Thursday, January 5, 2017

Ice Garden & Heatwave Party In Winter

Hey jammers! Strange glitch today, firstly today's new item is the returning Ice Garden located at Epic Wonders (blue orb)!
Now onto a possible glitch causing a buzz in Jamaa, the Heatwave Party is back during January!
This party brings back a lot of memories. Take an escape from the chilly winter weather with your buddies and check out this classic party while you have the chance.
No beach den items on sale this time round as the shop is broken. The Heatwave Party last returned to our party menus back in 2014, I'll love to see its return this summer with new beach den items on sale.
Crazy how classic AJ parties can give you so much nostalgia! Lastly, the Acorn Tea Set is set to depart from Jam Mart Furniture tomorrow. Happy jamming everyone!

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