Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Play Wild Snow Leopards & Chinese New Year

Hey jammers! Animal Jam's mobile app, Play Wild, updated today with some fun new additions to mobile 3D Jamaa. The beautiful snow leopards have finally arrived!
Previously leaked a few weeks ago, the snow leopards are now available from the Sapphire Shop and have a secret ridge animal area off Mt. Shiveer. 
With a beautiful animal arrival comes a pretty new armor. The gorgeous feathered armor can be purchased in the new snow leopard bundle at the Sapphire Shop!
Did you know your animal performs a special animation or effect if you wear a full clothing set on Play Wild? I loveee the detail that AJHQ puts into making this app, it pays off, doesn't it?
Also new with today's update is a brand new mini-game called Fast Foodies! If you love playing restaurant/chef type games, you'll definitely love Play Wild's Fast Foodies interactive mini-game!
Pet Pekin Roosters are also new at the Sapphire Shop and Claws N' Paws for Chinese New Year. Do you think AJHQ will bring these cuties out on desktop for Animal Jam's Chinese New Year celebrations? 
Play Wild's first Chinese New Party has also been added to the party menu! Always such a gorgeous party design on both desktop and mobile. AJHQ's talented artists really showed off their talents here!
And at the Chinese New Year Party shop we have three items being sold: Sky Lantern, Rooster Screen, and a Basket of Fireworks. Beautiful party & music, certainly one of my favourites. 
Here is this month's winter themed loading screen featuring snow leopards and the adorable Pet Pekin Roosters. To end this update post, AJHQ themselves have uploaded their own short update video!
Be sure to give it a watch and like. Happy jamming!

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