Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow Shovel + Sheep Concept Art

Hey jammers! Today brings us a returning, nonmmeber den item! You can buy the Snow Shovel at your local Jam Mart Furniture, in ten different colours, for a reasonable price of 300 gems.
Perfect for preparing your dens for a Jamaa snowstorm! Taylor Maw (Animal Jam's lead character design) has kindly shared this concept art of the upcoming sheep of Jamaa. Your thoughts?
Looks sorta like cotton wool with wooden legs to me, hehe. One thing which bugs me is the sheep seem to be missing their hoofs, but I guess this is concept art. I'm not sure how to feel about farm yard animals coming to Jamaa, oh well, onwards and upwards!
If you're a mega Harry Potter fan you'll love Snowyclaw's latest video - be sure to give it a watch! Happy jamming everyone!

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