Sunday, January 1, 2017

Member Spin + New Den?

Hey jammers! Happy New Year! Animal Jam has kicked 2017 off straight away with a shiny new daily spin for club members. Firstly, today's returning items are the Carnation and Carnation Boquet being sold at Treetop Gardens!
Members be sure to sign in and check out the member daily spin from today!
My only criticism with the member daily spin is the prizes, the prizes are previous RIMs exactly like the old spin. Considering AJHQ hinted ''rare prizes'' on Instagram you'd think we'd get something more exciting.
On the plus side, Animal Jam shared this adorable picture on Instagram in celebration of the new year. Perhaps we will see the chocolate pool in an upcoming den? 
And to wrap up the first post of 2017, here's the daily bottle note and item for today. What do you think these bottles are leading up to? Happy jamming everyone!

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