Friday, January 27, 2017

Heart Friendship Bracelet Returns

Hey jammers! Today's item return is the cute Heart Bracelet available in eight different colours, located at Jam Mart Clothing.
A pretty item for BOTH members and non-members! Yay! This steel bracelet looks perfect on normal bunnies and spring bunnies, do you like my friendship festival outfit?

With so many items coming in and out of Jamaa's shops this month for the friendship festival, you might need to save up on the gems. AJ's classic Wind Rider is on gem x2 promotion!
And on The Daily Explorer, we have a post regarding AJ - Play Wild's latest sapphire bundle.
Comes with a beautiful new den and an adorable pet (look at those eyebrows!), plus tons of den items to keep you entertained on mobile. Happy jamming everybody!

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