Sunday, August 16, 2015

♫♪ AJMV Features #10 ♪♫

~ One good thing about music - when it hits you, there is no pain. ~

Hey jammers! I'm back with another weekly AJMV post!! I was wondering, do you guys have any ideas that would spark up my posts a bit? Maybe a short little editing contest [around 10 to 20 second entries?] Would any of you enter?

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Today's Genre: Soft and Melodic

✿  G U E S S   T H E   S O N G:  ✿

"But lately her face seems ; slowly sinking, wasting ; crumbling like pastries ; they scream ; the worst things in life come free to us"

(answer at end of post)

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First up, we have a short little AJMV that's accompanied by a song I'm about to become obsessed with xD ToffeeCookieKitty Kat presents... Soap - Melanie Martinez!

I honestly loved the raw in this music video, it's hard to make raw interesting with AJ but you make it perfect <3 Oh and for those that don't know, raw means without overlays/greenscreening, maybe a bit of colourizing but that's it (: Also I loved the overlays during parts as well, it gave it an angelic and hollow feel ^-^
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Next up, we have another beautiful song [one of my all time favourites, actually]. Misty AJ presents... Youth - Daughter!

This was put together beautifully, and I loved your use of transitions and the slow movements, it really matched the song and set the mood nicely. I liked how your clip settings changed during different sections of the song, and overall it was just beautiful ^-^

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The last AJMV for today is accompanied by another beautiful song, by the famously talented Ed Sheeran! Rainbow Unicorn15aj presents... Photograph - Ed Sheeran <3

I know how hard it is to edit to slow songs sometimes, as you want your clips to be interesting and move by quickly but it doesn't match the song's beat, but this AJMV really matched the song while remaining unique and interesting all the way ^-^ I love your colour scheme and use of greenscreening as well, great job (:

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★ A J M V   T I P   O F    T H E    D A Y ★

When you just start out with a YouTube channel, it's definitely hard to get noticed. For your AJMVs, try using songs not many people have done yet!

NOTE: I'm not calling anyone out and I'm definitely NOT trying to be insulting, these are all fantastic AJMVs and this is just an example to show that the more AJMVs of the same song there are, the less likely yours will get noticed.

When people search up a song and see twenty AJMVs for it, it's less likely they'll notice use. Don't be scared to be different and try out new songs! Make sure to have fun though <3

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♦  Q U E S T I O N    O F    T H E    D A Y: ♦

What was your most memorable memory this summer [so far]?

For me, it'd probably be going out [somewhereeee] with my friends xD It was really fun to just have a day where we could relax and stuff haha x

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If you want one of your AJMVs to be featured, send them over to either or my personal, (:

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Answer to song quote: The A Team - Ed Sheeran 

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