Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sugar Glider Plushie +
HUGE Leaked Update News!

Ciao, jammers! Today's item is the Pet Sugar Glider Plush in the Summer Carnival!

The cutey with the mohawk though *u*
Hey, what if AJHQ made Rare Plushies? Would you like to see that? What color would they be??

SapphireTFM sent us TheOneAndOnlySomething's amazing video on a leaked update of AJ!
*phew, that was a mouthful*

Check out Something's awesome channel by clicking here.

Among other things, this update gives us a new Graham adventure...
A Back-to-School Party + the return of Snow Leopard...

New achievements / organizing system...

And an all new ANIMAL!

Oh my goodness! Leave your guesses on what this animal is, and speculations on the rest of the Jamaa Journal, in the comments below!

That's all today, see you later!

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