Thursday, August 6, 2015

National Honeybee Day & New Den Item Contest

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with a late little post about today's new update. We have a pawsome new Jamaa Journal bringing us a new pet, a den item vote, and even returning leopards!
To celebrate National Honeybee Day on August 15th, we have the first ever Animal Jam Honeybee Festival! The new pets are available for all jammers and are utterly adorable. ^-^ I made my own little bee...

HUMBUG. Honeybug? Those eyes dou, hehe. You can purchase a honey loving pet of choice in the bee fact posters around Jamaa.

What are some of your favorite facts?

These are likely for a limited time, like the bats of the Day of the Phantoms celebration, so unlock one while you can!
We also have some funny items for the celebration, which just make me laugh. Plus, the antennae are for nonmembers too!! They make quite the sweet, quirky addition to any beeutiful outfit. 
And on the other side of the hive we have some furniture items that just make me honegry. I think the Honeycomb would make a great wall piece (plus it appears you can puzzle them together to make an even bigger wall feature). And the Bumblebean Bag Chair? Priceless. X'D
In other news we have yet another little den item contest going on, this time with Glitchy Gear, Movie Theater, and Steampunk Parlor themes! I do love a bit of steampunk, so I voted for that set.
We also see the return of the Beta Party, featuring items that weren't actually sold in beta but look like they could have been, and sold in the old building that used to be what dens looked like.
In the next update we will be expecting the return of the Snow Leopards (and hopefully even their tails, though this guy's is missing).
They animation featured is quite heartwarming – I'd definitely give it a watch. And finally, to wrap up this update post, we have the double gems game: Pill Bugs! Be sure to head to Sarepia to play.
If you haven't heard already, be sure to check out the details on my little Boston meet & greet. If you're in the area it would be fun to see you!
Until next time – happy jamming everyone!

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