Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wrought Iron Fence &
Jam Con!

Hey jammers! Wackywolf81 here. Today's new item is the Wrought Iron Fence, which is sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 600 gems.
I quite like the look of this item, especially the different colours. 

I don't know if all of you guys know about it already, but I decided to post it here, anyway. Snowyclaw will be hosting her very own "Jam Con" in Boston on Friday. (The 7th of August.) She made a post about it on her Instagram page, which has all the details.
Make sure to ask your parents if you'd like to go! It sounds like a wonderful idea, and I really wish I could come, but I'm little far away from Boston. I hope anyone who does decide to go has a great time, though! 

Anywho, it's your last day to buy a Space Locker!
Perfect for keeping all of your Space stuff in.. :P

And here's a little glitch I encountered while playing Animal Jam on a French Server. 
As you can see, my animal's name is.. *ahem* Zéta Tigre de cristal. but when I decided to play Four Gem with my friend..
My name showed up as "Zta Tigre de cristal" instead. I think it's probably because of the é thing, hehe. ^-^

That's all for today! Happy jamming everyone!

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