Saturday, August 8, 2015

Spirit Artwork #32

Honey has become more abundant with the arrival of a large swarm of bees in Jamaa. These bees are said to be quite friendly and affectionate, and many have singled out and chosen a jammer to accompany on their travels. Clothing trends relating to bees have reached their all-time high, with many sporting yellow-and-black stripes, antennae, and other bee items. You stare apprehensively at the first page of your Jamaa Journal, wondering if the bees are really as suitable to keep as pets as the newspaper makes them out to be. With a sigh, you flip to the artwork page to distract yourself from the nervousness induced by the widespread presence of stinging insects.

First off we have a glorious landscape by Avery898! I especially love the variety of colors in the leaves of the trees and the reflections in the water.

Next we have a couple of beautiful digital drawings by lucykate651. The brightly-colored backgrounds really pique my fancy.

Fezcat brings us this cool drawing! I love the spots of bright red and blue against the toned-down grey. 

Here we have a sleeping fox by Orchidblossom AJ. With its curled-up-in-a-ball pose and squeezed-shut eyes, this fox is certainly adorable!

A lovely compilation of drawings sent in by Pinkclaw24! My favorite, I'd have to say, is the one with the bear holding the fish - a very in-character shot for a bear!

Here we have an assortment of digital art by FactoryDash! I enjoy the variety of poses and angles in your artwork, and I love the motion in the first piece.

A bright and vivid piece by Elizaboo1104! The colors are cheerful and rich, but not too bright so as to be too intense - there is a good balance.

Kelly28816 brings us this interesting Snowyclaw-planet drawing. It surely is a unique idea!

This piece by Tribal Bunnies AJ Jamaa has wonderfully neat lineart and beautiful colors that go well together.

Next we have a piece sent in by Joy Tringo. The expression on the character's face is very intense.

Another lovely collection of drawings by PinkiePromise10. What really stood out to me was the amount of detail on the drawings of Mira and the bird in the first one. I love how you drew their fluff!

MISS BlackFoX sent in a picture of their character! The focus really seems to be centered on the character's neon-colored markings, while the dark-furred character blends into the darkness of its surroundings. Classy!

Finally, we have a couple of interesting sketches by Shady The Demon. I enjoy the neutral colors of your woodpecker character.

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