Sunday, August 30, 2015

Epic Train Set & Departing Mechanical Couch

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with a quick little Sunday post. I'm heading back to school at this very moment, so you can expect some more regular posting schedules. I guess that's one good reason summer is coming to a close? ^-^'
A recent EPIC new item is another high class toy from the Epic Wonders furniture shop. The Epic Train Set isn't quite as EPIC as the ones my sister (Proven) and I used to make, but I guess it's a pretty cool little toy room item edition. There may be some new items arriving to the Back-To-School Party, so keep an eye out for those class-y furniture pieces (ba-dum-dum-tsh).

Over at the Jam Mart Furniture shop the Mechanical Couch is making its escape – grab one of these colorful futuristic (and slightly uncomfortable?) items before you get ready for the next furniture set.

And I leave you and this short post with a picture if a pouting Liza. Yesyes, I know there should be more to this post, miss grumpy panda, but I'm boarding a plane right now. Be sure to check by the Daily Explorer for the post that features such an unhappy Liza. Click here to read that blurb all about restricted and suspended accounts.

Be sure to check by later for a jamtastic post of Animal Jam Music Videos put together by Smile! Now I must fly – happy jamming!!

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