Monday, August 17, 2015

Rare Bunny Hat!

Ciao, jammers! Sorry for the late/short post, I came back from a roadtrip and I am bone tired right now. Cars are my worst enemy. Well, right after horseradishes. And brussel sprouts. And any other vegetable, really.

On a lighter note, the Rare Bunny Hat is in stores at the Appondale Conservatory!
It's great to see AJHQ putting Rare Item Mondays in places other than Jam-Marts! The colors of this item go together, but I wish AJHQ had more black, white, red, and orange RIMS. The blues and purples are getting old.

More to this article coming soon, I gotta gets my beauty sleep :^)

p.s. Email your ideas for the next Rarity Rating to!
p.p.s. We here at AJS were thinking of holding a contest! Comment the types of contests you'd like to see and ideas for prizes!

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