Sunday, August 16, 2015

Aloe Vera Plant and 200 Diamond Beanbag?

Hey jammers!

Today's new item is the Aloe Vera Plant, sold in Treetop Gardens!

I really like this item!  There are so many different plants now; the only thing I wish could change is maybe have a non-potted version?  Maybe one that hangs off a wall, or something like that.  

I'm so sorry, guys, but I don't have time to finish.  If I get some more time, I will come back and fill in all of the details!  I'll see you in Jamaa!

EDIT:  Let's fill in the blanks, shall we?

And we have an interesting glitch, provided by Aspenbreeze.

My goodness, that bean bag is expensive :P I wonder, if one were to buy it, whether gems or diamonds would be taken?

The Wristwatch is leaving stores today!  Be sure to pick it up before it's gone!

Hehe, try saying "Irish wristwatch" ten times fast.  I love tongue twisters ^-^
I actually really like the style of this item and am slightly disappointed to see it go.

We have yet another diamond challenge on the Daily Explorer!

Now here is a topic that I have a lot to say about!  But... eh, too much work... Who knows, though, maybe if I have spare time!  What about you guys?

That's all for today, jammers!  I'll see you in Jamaa!

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