Friday, August 14, 2015

New Galoshes
(Meant for Walking)

Hey jammers! Apologies for such a late post for today. I've had the silliest time getting power and wifi – crazy thunderstorms are running rampant. Good thing we have these lovely new (very colorful) Galoshes coming to stores. You can purchase your own in Jam Mart Clothing!
And my dear viewer, you may ask: "What in the world am I going to do with a pair of boots? I am not a two-leg hairless pink ape for goodness sakes." And to that I reply, that you quite right in that remark..

"Oh dear, just look what the cat dragged in." -Señora Softpaws
But let me teach you the fine art of boot-wearing, young padawan. There are many fine subtleties that you have yet to learn...
"These are no ordinary boots, these are MAGIC boots..." -Señor Boots
In other, less boot-related, news, the GRAND PIANO is leaving the Jam Mart Furniture shop!! Such a classy furniture piece cannot go so soon..
If you love that classical music like me, be sure to buy one before it's gone. I've heard pianos and galoshes are quite the trendy statement nowadays. And who's to argue with popular culture?
Lastly we have a little post on the Daily Explorer, explaining (in simple terms) how much of the game they allow all jammers to access. AJ honestly have so much more for nonpaying players – there are some pretty silly little restrictions, but that's how companies work.

Click here to read the article.

Happy jamming everyone!!

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