Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Princess Vanity, Overflow and Goat Facts!

Hey jammers! Today we have 2 new items (at least, I think), the first one is our brand new Princess Vanity, sold in Epic Wonders for 850 gems, and only 5 colors.

Well, there aren't many colors that would make this item still be girly, so it's acceptable. And, as our second new item today, overflow?

(sorry if someone already posted this)

I thought all the games were already in stores, this is strange, very strange.... This item is sold in the Sol Arcade shop for 400 gems. It's your last day to get your very own Space Airlock.

This item is just so, space-y. 
And now, for a little glitch. 

101 buddies? Yup, this is a very weird glitch, but easy to do, if you want to be able to have more buddies, here's how:

1- have 99 buddies.
2- Ask some that is NOT online to buddy them.
This can be as many people as you want.
3- get one more buddy.
4- Done! Remember, this will only work
if the buddy not online buddies you.

Trivia Tuesday:

Goats are social animals, however, unlike sheep, who they are closely related to, they are not flock orientated. Goats have excellent coordination. They have great balance and are thus able to survive in precarious areas such as steep mountains. They can even climb trees and some species ca jump over 5 feet high. Goats discovered coffee! Apparently in Ethiopia a goat herd saw goats behaving more actively and energetically after eating from a particular bush. Hmm... what kind of bush could it be Well jammers, that's it for today's post. be nice to others, jam on, and have a nice day, bye!

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