Thursday, August 20, 2015

Puppy Plushie, Late Graham's Workshop Update, & Lynxes Announced

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here, teaming up with Tallstar to bring you today's news. You can check out the daily item and glitch below the break, but I'm going to be talking about today's update material! This update is an interesting one, but AJHQ took their time in uploading it!
Our title page comes with another large public adventure based on collecting. This time is even more complicated than the last! To put it simply: first you pick a tool, then you harvest a certain material around the adventure land. Then the tool expires, you choose a different tool, and then collect a different material around the adventure land...

Continue this pattern until you have sufficient funds of certain materials to purchase / "build" items in the shop. It's definitely a clever take on the adventure process, but definitely not a short one.

Next up we have advertisement news (when something is placed as if it's a normal article but is actually an advertisement, that's called "Native Advertising" – and it's quite effective). You can now play Play Wild on any iPad worldwide! It's a pretty neat game too, so go check.

Next up we have Snow Leopards returning (to the diamond shop) and a Back To School Party (revealed by a glitch many months before).
These are the items available in the shop! AJHQ got pretty creative with these lovely items, but if you ask me if I enjoy this party, my answer will likely look a lot like this lovely fellow's response...

Next we have a new animal coming to Jamaa! The Lynx is quite cute, but I worry it may be more accurate to call it a Bobcat. There is not enough tufty fluff on their ears, their pattern is much too pronounced, and their back legs are a third the size they should me (their back legs are actually suppose to be LONGER than their front legs).
Please excuse my animal accuracy nit picking, I have too many funny animal facts in my poor head. This update to the achievement system you see above is actually quite exciting! It gives you so much opportunity to catch 'em all...
Not only does it show what you have, it also shows you how to earn the next achievement! Pretty handy, huh?
And finally a little segment on the little pet honeybees. Get one before they disappear for an entire year!! Now, let's hear some of the daily news from my lovely friend Tallstar. Happy jamming!

Today's new item is the Puppy Plushie and the Large Puppy Plushie, sold in the Summer Carnival.

Gah, I can't get them to change together!  Oh, well :P  There are only seven colors for this plushie. From lusedtotalk, we have an extremely annoying glitch that they discovered while recycling:
I can't seem to find a leaving item for today, but I thought I'd mention that the mechanical item set is leaving, starting tomorrow. Over on the Daily Explorer, we have some pawsome jammer-made advertisements for some clothing items.
They're very creative!  Be sure to check them out!
That's all for today, jammers!  Let's hope the update comes later today *crosses fingers* I'll see you in Jamaa!

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