Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Week Without Spirit Dens

Hey Jammers!

It's Choruss here, and this week I do not have a Spirit Dens post for you. 

I'm quite sorry, however I'm in the midst of one of my busiest school weeks! 4 of my unit exams are taking place this week, and I unfortunately do not have time to make a post. :(

I will most definitely be posting for you guys again next week, however I'll have to take ANOTHER break on November 25th as I'll be off in the Bahamas for Thanksgiving.
(My grandma owns a little hotel down there, however there's no internet!)

I'll be sure to post photographs from my trip on Instagram, so be sure to watch out!

I hope you guys are understanding, I do truly apologize.

On the bright side, my giveaway is almost over! You guys are amazing having almost gotten me to 125 subscribers, and I'm very grateful.

You can enter by checking out my latest video here!

I'll be back next week guys, I hope you all understand!
Please leave your den ideas down below, I love hearing them and if I choose yours, I always give credit.

Auf wiedersehen,

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