Sunday, November 29, 2015

Epic Jamaaliday Tree & Ornaments + Early RIM?

Hey jammers! Today's new old items are the Epic Jamaaliday Tree, a traditional tree that returns every year winter! Also returning is the Giant Ornament (last year's Jamaaliday daily gift) and the Paw Ornament and Spiral Ornament for your tree.
All sold in Jam Mart Furniture! While exploring some websites, I came across a new AJ ad banner. Jamaaliday preparations have begun, are you pumped up for the daily Jamaaliday gifts?
Get set for the Jamaaliday festivities, all December long! Did you know? This year all jammers can earn a diamond prize on special days, make sure you log in daily to open your Jamaaliday gift calendar.
And finally, silly AJHQ have once again released an upcoming RIM early in Jam Mart Clothing! Happy jamming everyone.

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