Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Spirit Snaps #4

Hiya jammers! Pop here with the 4th Spirit Snaps post!

Our theme this week is Alphas!
The Alphas are the guardians of Jamaa. There are currently 7 confirmed Alphas: Liza, Greely, Peck, Sir Gilbert, Cosmo, Tavie and Graham. All of these 7 have been featured in Adventures apart from Sir Gilbert! It's said that the Alphas of Jamaa came from a foreign world to fight the phantoms and reclaim Jamaa for good. AJHQ says that each of the Alphas have different skills and characteristics. It's said that the animal statues in the Mystery Emporium in the Temple Of Zios represent the upcoming alphas!

Here are some of the pawsome entries I recieved from jammers!

As always, we have to have a winner, and for this week it was Chelida with this amazing snapshot of her Alpha statues! 
As a prize for first place, I sent over a couple of rares, a Rare Ten Gallon Hat and Rare Camouflage Boots!

To get your snapshot featured in next week's post, and be in to win a Rare Chicken Hat and Rare Topcoat, submit your snapshots for the next theme: Video Games! Some ideas could be: Dressing up as your favorite video game character, or doing a scene from your favorite game with your buddies! Extra points if you include references!
You can submit your snapshots by emailing them to spiritjammer@gmail.com, commenting them below with Disqus or posting them on the Animal Jam G+ Community with the hashtag #ajsgamingsnap!

Well, it's time to wrap up! Happy jamming :3

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