Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Spirit Snaps
#6 -Fire

Hiya jammers! Pop with the 6th weekly Spirit Snaps!

The theme for this week is Fire!
 Fire occurs when you add a fuel to oxygen, causing combustion and the flames of a fire. Fire only occurs when you have oxygen, heat and a fuel, so if you remove any of these three components, the fire will go out. This is what happens when you blow on a candle- you are blowing away the oxygen and replacing it with carbon dioxide from your breath. In Iraq, there is rumored to be a flame in an oil field which has been burning for centuries. An ironic fact about fire is that the patent for the Fire Hydrant was destroyed by fire, so nobody knows who designed the Fire Hydrant!

Here are the snaps! All of these are so creative, good job, all of you!

Annnnnd... Here's the winner! Flamewar is the winner for this week with this funny little snapshot. Hopefully she gets some water soon to put that fire out!

As usual, I sent over some rares for best snapshot. If you'd like a chance to win next week's snapshot contest, get your items together and submit a collections themed snapshot! Den collections and clothing item collections will be helpful here! The winner for the Collection snapshot will win two rares, a Rare Hat and Beard and Rare Princess Necklace!
To submit a snapshot, you can email it to spiritjammer@gmail.com, post it in the Disqus comment section below or post it on Google+ on the Animal Jam Community with the hashtag #ajscollectionsnap!

Remember, Spirit Snaps is a snapshot/screenshot contest, therefore edited images will be disqualified.

Jam on and have a great day!

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