Friday, November 20, 2015

Autumn Arrivals + Closer Look At Pet Turkeys

Hey jammers! Today's triple new item collection is the Leaf Sofa, Leaf Chair, and Autumn Table. Sold in Jam Mart Furniture!
And the Autumn Leaf Table, perfect for decorating festive fall dens.
Gobble!! Gobble!! The Pet Turkeys are here in Jamaa for this Feast of Thanks! These little guys are being sold in the diamond shop and come with some amazing accessories. Meet Flutterpaw, my Pet Turkey.
Here are the accessories at Pet Stop!
Head items
Top items
Bottom items
Secret items at the Play-As-Your-Pet party
Pet Turkeys will most likely only be around for the Feast of Thanks season, so purchase them before they're gone. To wrap up this post, there is a new post up on the DE all about the changing colors on items.
Isn't it nice of AJHQ to make this change? Happy jammings everyone!

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