Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Topaz Birthstone, Epic Steampunk Contraption and Turkey Hat!

Hey jammers! Today I found 3 new/returning/old but nobody mentioned them yet items. First, we have this month's birthstone, the Topaz Birthstone!

The Topaz Birthstone is sold in Epic Wonders, as always, for 1500 gems.
Today, I also found our new Epic Steampunk Contraption, also sold in Epic Wonders, but for 1000 gems.

And lastly, we have our old returning Turkey Hat, sold in Jam Mart clothing, for 250 gems

Today, I personally didn't find any clearances, so let's just move on to another small glitch.

This awesome glitch was sent to us by bubba4jesus. Well, in this weird glitch, it looks like bubba4jesus's animal was able to go into a spooky tree, like a ghost, scary!

Trivia Tuesday:

When was the first Rare-Item-Monday rare released?

That's pretty much it for today. Be nice to others, jam on, and have a nice day, bye!

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