Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pixelated Items + Inventory Update

Hey jammers! Today's new items are the Pixelated Couch and Pixelated Chair, sold in Jam Mart Furniture! I would prefer more Thanksgiving items, we have only had a few this year. 
Yesterday AJHQ added a neat feature, instead of scrolling through hundreds of items in your inventory, you can now simply use the new search button in your inventories!
Pretty handy, huh? I think AJHQ originally planned to release this in last week's arctic fox update, but there was probably difficulties. The search button is only for members, just kidding, haha!! Yay or nay?
Interested in becoming a member this Black Friday? AJHQ is offering a membership offer on 6-12 month memberships with additional shiny diamonds, for one day only...
Offer begins tomorrow, will you guys be participating? To wrap up this post, on the DE there is a new jammer snap topic!
Happy Thanksgiving, jammers. Enjoy spending time celebrating what you're thankful for with friends and family!

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