Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wood Pile + Leaving Elf Tail Armor

Hey jammers! Tigerly here posting for Wednesday's spirit author. Today's new item is the Wood Pile, on sale in Jam Mart Furniture. Perfect for autumn den decorating.
Autumn is my favorite season in Jamaa, what's your favorite season? On the DE there is a new jammer art post up featuring turkey phantoms for the Feast of Thanks festival.
What are you thankful for this Feast of Thanks? Anywho, over in the Diamond Shop (located in Jamaa Township next to Club Geoz) a loved item is departing in the next 10 days, be sure to purchase the Elf Tail Armor before they're gone.
And, the Glitchy Speakers are departing from Jam Mart Furniture. Artic foxes of Jamaa will be playing wild from tomorrow, check out this adorable 3D animation featuring the new animals below.

Happy jammings everyone!

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