Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Spirit Dens #9 - A Gorgeous Castle (+ A Giveaway!)

Hi guys!

*Big announcement at the end of the post!*

I hope you all had a great Halloween and got lots of candy! I trick or treated with my friends for 3 hours! I could barely feel my fingers it was so cold. 

It's now November, so expect some Feast of Thanks dens soon!

Today's den, however, will be a pretty little castle den.
This den took quite awhile to fully decorate, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Before we get started, let's review some of last week's dens.

Here's Kitties201's jamtastic Halloween den!

Saphire0808's den, though not spooky themed, it's very pretty!

Random Moo Cow's den!

Alrighty! Let's get started on today's lovely den.

We'll be using the Sky Kingdom den. I was going to use the Castle, however I prefer the wallpaper designs that come with the S.K. 

It's a huuuuuuuuge den, so I won't be covering the entire thing in this post. Rather, I'll show you the main interior and the two small cabins. If you want to see the garden decorations, swing by my den! It's almost always unlocked.

Before we start selecting wallpapers, I'd like to talk about color themes. For this den, I've chosen purple, red, and brown. You may not have noticed, however most of my den have color themes to go along with them!

When AJ makes items, they make them in standard colors. These colors have evolved over time. For example, the infamous cupid wings share colors with the new Ibex Horns. The fancy furniture in Epic Wonders has a standard set of colors that all correspond to each other. The "secret color" blue has been present in more items lately because of it's rise in popularity.

Let's move on.

As I was saying, I've chosen purple, red, and brown.

For my wallpaper, I've selected the Dust Striped Walls, and for flooring, my favorite Wood Floor.

The Dust Striped Walls will turn into a pretty design in the castle. :)

Let's head inside!

This castle is very regal, so you'll notice that I've used a lot of deep red and wooden items.

In this little nook, I've placed a pretty circular couch and a lovely fireplace. The fireplace in my room is finally working and I love getting cozy by it on rainy days.
The pool table is a nifty little item that I think adds some elegance to the room, this is also aided by the candelabra in the corner.

In this little area, your guests can enjoy some live piano music, provided you can play the piano!
A map makes a pretty decoration for your wall.

Moving onto the second floor, I've just used a crystal for decoration. This floor and the one above it are some of my favorite rooms I've ever created.

This gorgeous sitting area is a nice place to chit chat with your buddies. The stained glass lamp from Royal Ridge corresponds perfectly to the purple and red in the chairs and the table. I love how the clock matches your personal time. It's the little touches like those that make items so special!

I just love the new steampunk den items, don't you guys? While I prefer the desk in it's original brown, the purple looks nice with all of the other decorations. I love interlocking the Wavy bookshelves for a continuous effect. What I'd love to see implemented is a circular half moon bookshelf for cozy reading nooks. Better yet, I'd love a whole library den. 

You guys... The master bedroom is one of the prettiest things I've ever created. Like ever. It just fits together so nicely I can't even describe it. However, describing dens and den techniques is my job here, so I'll do my best. ;)
Here you have two Elegant Couches spaced evenly apart. You can use the flooring as a guide to make sure everything is in line if you're a neat freak like myself. Because there isn't a large enough rectangular table yet, use two tables pushed together! You can use either orientation, it shouldn't make a difference. The new flowers are gorgeous with the colors ahhhhh. Like downstairs, you can use a clock table with a lamp.

This little bed idea is something I came up with awhile ago, however I held off on sharing it because I wanted it to be special. It works nicely with the shape of the corners in this particular den, however it can be emulated almost anywhere else. It's simple, four couches and two curtains. Make sure that the corners of the curtains touch each other, and that the cream edges of the couches are hidden by the curtains! Doesn't that look comfy? I've just used two of the hanging rugs to make the space prettier.

The new coat rack works very nicely with the color theme, as does the coat rack!

Let's move on to the two little cabins outside.

This is my least favorite of the two, however I've done my best. I'm using a lot of the steampunk items as I think they look nice against the cabins.

The steampunk items are so pretty! I'm usually not a fan of clutter, but I think it looks nice in this case. The leather looks nice with the wood totem poles, and the golden wattles make the room warm and cozy. I wish they would bring them into stores again. :(

Anyways! I have a little announcement about my channel.

I will no longer be making speed den decorating videos, rather I'll be posting Animal Jam videos the way Aparri or Wisteria or Snowy do, just on little things in the game. The reason is that they aren't that interesting, and they limit when I can make these dens and how long it can take me to make them! I want to put forth my best effort for you guys, and this will aid me in doing so.

As an example for what you'll see in the future, here's my first non-den video!

It simply features some pretty outfit ideas for your animals using mostly store bought items. 

Time for the announcement!

I'm having a Pink Tiki giveaway!

I'd like to thank you guys for supporting me so much, so I'm giving back to you!

Go check out my channel here for the full details.

I'll see you guys next week!

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