Friday, November 13, 2015

Fashion Friday #18: Musical Garb!

Ciao, jammers! Welcome to Fashion Friday! These week's theme was music, and we've got a broad(way) range of great outfits to try on!

First up, a pitch perfect Arctic Wolf!

Don't worry, this blue wolf isn't feeling too Les Miserable. It's got a base of pure white, and a light blue secondary color. The pattern is a stark constrast to that, colored dark navy. It's wearing clothes you can mostly buy at Epic Wonders, an Opal Necklace, Diamond Anklet, and a blue DJ Headset. On its back is a Rare Worn Blanket (the second one!) that goes nicely with the light blue fur.

And now, a pretty in pink broadway star!
A kangaroo with a light pink base and an even lighter secondary color is where you can start. Add a darker pattern, and some comical hair rollers. Then you can go with a Feathery Boa, and a Hula Skirt. I wish you could fully customize your outfit colors! It would make looks so much easier to tie together.

We got two awesome Spirit Jammer made outfits these week!

Here's a cute Snow Leopard submitted by rosierockslb!

And here's a alto-mazing fox submitted by A.P!
...Alto-mazing? Huh, I guess music puns aren't my forte.

Thanks for reading! The theme for next week is "Winter!". Send in your submissions and theme ideas to! The top 2 outfits are featured here on the AJS. Try shopping at the Cloud Party, or changing up the colors of your animals!

See ya!

If you won the writing contest, please contact me to claim your prize! Not everyone has gotten theirs yet! >.<

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