Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Giant Hyena Plushie!

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Giant Hyena Plushie, sold in the Diamond Shop for 1 diamond, and has a total of 10 colors.


Today I didn't find any clearances, so let's just move on to a little "glitch."

*I had to crop it a little*

It looks like all those plushies decided to match each other for a little glitchy day. This little glitch here was sent to us by Perwinkl3.

* Or, perhaps, AJHQ is being silly... It's a white elephant gift machine! Just like the popular "white elephant gift exchange" that so many like to do around the holidays. Have you ever tried it? * ~ snowyclaw

Trivia Tuesday:

When was The Daily Explorer's first post?

Well, that's it for today's post. Be nice to others, jam on, and have a nice day, bye!

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