Sunday, January 3, 2016

Arctic Coat & Infinity Glasses

Hey jammers! I'm so sorry for the helter-skelter posting this weekend, it's been a crazy week. Firstly, today's returning is the loved Arctic Coat, sold in Shiveer Shoppe!
Over in the lovely Jam Mart Clothing shop - we have the new funny looking Infinity Glasses! Perfect combo for the Infinity Necklace from the Summer Carnival. 

If you're a lover of contests, be sure to enter this week's diamond challenge on the Daily Explorer! 5 diamonds are up for grabs as usual. Liza is hosting this week's topic all about adventures of Jamaa!
The Steampunk Coat Rack is making an escape from Outback Imports - will you miss the den collection? What sort of den sets would you like to see this year? I'd be totally mad for an ocean den item set. 
If AJHQ releases an ocean animal or land, they would make my year, heh. Makes me sad that Jamaa's beautiful oceans don't get attention nowadays. Happy jamming everyone! 

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