Saturday, January 30, 2016

Silly Winter Hat & History of Jamaa's Phantom Rug

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with a late little Saturday post – apologies for sleeping in, it's been a tiring week. Today's new item is the adorable Silly Winter Hat, complete with a little puff of fluff on top.
It's a lot like the fuzzy hat, may be even more adorable, especially on the Arctic Fox. Take a look below for that and the history of Jamaa's fairly recent, rather sudden rise-to-popularity item, the Phantom Rug.

Aww, even the Arctic Fox's little hair tuft pokes out in front.
Anywho, off to our history lesson. The item is called a Phantom Rug, and was sold during the Day of the Phantoms celebration back in October 2011 (picture taken by myself). It went on clearance towards the end of the month, along with many other phantom items.
Did you know all new and clearance items used to come in one big burst? Everything new would come, and everything clearanced would go, all on update day. Pretty wacky change to make, huh?
The yellow Phantom Rug was bought the least and recycled the most out of all the colors, and a few years later (after they again didn't return to Jamaa) jammers began to notice their absence. Many rare collectors started endorsing them, and their popularity has skyrocketed!

I bought all the colors back in the day (being the obsessive collector I am), so if you'd like to see all the color options that were available, visit the top of my den! With all their demand, AJHQ may bring them back this Day of the Phantoms, which will of course cause an uproar.

Do you think they should return to Jamaa, or should they remain part of the rare economy? What aspects of the rarity system trouble you? What parts do you enjoy? Is it changing too fast?
Speaking of rares, the Gold Chain Necklace is on its way out. Be sure to purchase one – it may be gone for a long while, who's to know!
Some items, like this flooring and wallpaper, return every year. Other appear on alternate years. Some every four years? ;D It's a puzzling system of supply and demand, influenced by the smallest things; it will be interesting to see what AJHQ will do with it in the coming years.
Happy jamming!

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