Friday, January 29, 2016

Friendship Bag & Wild Explorers

Hi jammers! Tigerly here posting for the lovely snowyclaw - today's new item is the cute Friendship Bag, sold in Jam Mart Clothing for the Friendship Festival. 
Perhaps take a trip to the Friendship Party and have a look at the collection of heart shaped items on sale? I love the Friendship Party, although I wish AJHQ brought out new music for the party.
Be sure to watch the latest episode of Wild Explorers - featuring Cami! Ohh, I'd love to see a snake animal playing wild in Jamaa. Good job Cami and AJHQ - a lot of work must go into making these episodes!
Over on AJ's Daily Explorer - AJHQ has published a helpful Jammer Tip with an adorable otter image about Jamaa's refund policy. You never know, you may need this information for the future!
Back to Jam Mart Clothing, the Spring Flower Bracelet is making an escape! The Spring Flower Crown most likely will follow, grab them while you can for your Spring Bunny, or any other animal. 
Take care and happy jamming! xo

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